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Live! On Atlantic 2023 Audition Information

Live! On Atlantic, a nationally recognized entertainment program along Atlantic Avenue at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, is seeking top notch, innovative, unique, edgy, family-friendly musical entertainers for the 2023 season! 

Live! On Atlantic features live entertainment along the oceanfront during the summer months. Sidewalks and street corners are the stages at Live! On Atlantic. Our musicians and novelty acts perform along Atlantic Avenue, the “Main Street” of the Virginia Beach Resort. From 7:00pm-10:45pm, Live! On Atlantic transforms into a magical world of its own that is part outdoor music festival and part Family Fun Zone.

Audition Dates:

  • Saturday, February 18, 2023
    from 11:00am-5:00pm
  • Sunday, February 19, 2023
    from 1:00pm-5:00pm

Audition Location:

IMGoing office
4500 Holland Office Park, Suite 318
Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

  • Please download and complete the application and bring it with you to the audition. You may also attach resumes, headshots, demo CD’s, etc. .
  • Please prepare 3 songs (1 slow to mid-tempo and 2 upbeat).  You will play ONE at the audition unless asked to play the second by the audition panel.
  • A small sound system with up to 4 mics will be provided in the audition room.
  • Bands should bring their own instruments, amps, guitar cords, direct box etc.
  • Do not bring a drum kit. One will be provided.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up/ tune your equipment and to check-in. We will be on a tight schedule!
To help you make an informed decision about auditioning and to provide to you the Insider Scoop of what the Live! On Atlantic review panel is looking for, please note the following:
  • We’re looking for performers who are available during the time frame of May 13, 2022 through September 24, 2022, for evenings from 7:00-10:45 pm. This does not mean that you will be booked every night but the more open your schedule is, especially leaving open Friday-Sunday, the more you could be contracted as a performer.
  • To be considered for Live! On Atlantic, a musical act MUST be able to fit on the sidewalk within our space constraints. This means that musical acts larger than 3 pieces might not be booked due to the fact that they are too large.
  • During the season you will be performing four 45-minute sets.  This means that you will need to know and be proficient in a vast playlist.  A helpful hint in choosing your music selections is to ask yourself “Does this music make you happy?” and “Make you feel like you are on vacation?”
  • Musical acts that are accepted for Live! On Atlantic will be responsible for providing their own sound equipment.  You will need sound reinforcement out on the streets of Live! on Atlantic. It doesn’t have to be a big system (because you have to set up and take down) but you need to have great fidelity and sound good!
  • The members of a musical act (or any other type of act involving more than one performer) who audition with us are the members we will be contracting with. It is expected that the original auditioning members ARE INDEED the members that will actually be performing on Live! on Atlantic. One person could change the dynamics of an act. Exceptions to this policy will have to be approved in advance in writing by the Live! On Atlantic Program Manager.
  • There is a dress code. It will be included in the contract issued for all performers. Come to your audition dressed in the type of clothes that: (1) are appropriate for your act — If you are a Kiss cover band, dress like it; If you are country, do the boots and hat. If you are a group, dress like you are a group; (2) WE LOVE Professional, Unique and Innovative; (3) Be professional (please, no sexy, revealing, shorts, etc. are allowed); (4) A question to ask yourself: Does it look like I am dressed as though I am part of a professional entertainment program? (5) COME TO THE AUDITION IN THIS ATTIRE.
  • Perform at the audition like you would if you were at a live show. Be more than great musicians; be Entertainers! Live! On Atlantic is a program to provide free entertainment for visitors to Virginia Beach!! We need to see at the audition how you would interact with the “audience.”
  • All performers will be expected to conform to Live! On Atlantic Performer Handbook guidelines. This also means that if you are chosen, you are signing a contract with Live! On Atlantic to uphold the guidelines AND agreeing to come to ALL of the PERFORMANCE DATES that are in your contract.
  • All performers will be required to attend an Orientation Meeting the end of April or beginning of May. Not only will you get helpful and EXCITING information, you will also get to meet the rest of the Live! On Atlantic FAMILY.
  • Due to time constraints, the audition panel will NOT be able to discuss salary at auditions. The pay for Live! on Atlantic performers varies from act to act. Variables include: size of the act, number of years on Live! On Atlantic programs, genre of music performed, degree of professionalism, whether it’s an act we need to fill on the roster, etc. Salary is negotiated when you are offered a contract with us.
  • The number of acts hired for 2022 is dependent upon how many acts we will be inviting to return from the previous seasons. So this means you need to be at the top of your game, in tip-top shape, and put your best foot forward.
  • You can’t be afraid of a little weather!! Live! On Atlantic entertainers perform outside, on the sidewalk, and still have to show up, even if there is a prediction of rain!  We constantly monitor the weather and try to get you out to perform for all of the guests for as long as possible, even if that’s for 30 minutes.  The Live! On Atlantic Manager makes weather decisions. Additionally, you have to check in (IN PERSON) every time you perform.

Unfortunately, walk-ins will not be accepted.

These are NOT auditions for bands
that wish to perform on the stages
in oceanfront parks.

For more information about playing on an oceanfront stage,
you must contact our talent-booking agency, More Music Group (757-463-1940).